Monday, April 28, 2008

My Dresser And Some People

78 words


Is that fast? Someone tell me if that is fast.

So, it's the day before the beginning of my next semester...and the mountains of relatives that were here all weekend left at seven 0'clock this morning. My cousin Joe came around about ten, to drop off some more of his Crap before he moves into his apartment. I was still asleep, heard someone downstairs, and was this close to picking up my sister's tweezers and moving in before I heard an "anyone home?" in my cousin's voice. That was close.
I moved home last Saturday, and since my scummy little sister stole my Huge Spacious Bedroom and painted it AQUAMARINE, I am back in the smaller room, which she previously painted a color than can only be described as OBNOXIOUSLY ORANGE. I don't really mind being back in the smaller room. The drywall problem on the ceiling in there has now been fixed, and we're painting it back to a much more subdued shade called Sequin. It's a runny mix between yellow and green and light brown. I have been sleeping in the nursery (also previously decorated by Little Sister--yellow walls with purple flowers) until the orange room is fixed.
The problem with moving home is this:
I have somehow accumulated something like five times as much clothing since I moved out.

So, I was whistling away, filling the closet in the OBNOXIOUSLY ORANGE room back up with my stuff, watching Law and Order, doing my thing. About halfway through the second episode, as Lenny delivered one of his classic tough cop lines, and I laughed, and turned to stuff a dress into the closet, I realized that the closet was about as full as it could realistically get (about 120 hangers) and that there were twice as many clothes sitting in heaps and piles around me as were in the closet.
Also there were two entire Ikea bags (you know the big plasticky blue ones) of shoes left.
So I had to buy a dresser. I went out to look for a brand new one, something that could live in My Future Home (not my phrasing OR my idea) and ended up at DI, standing in front of the most beautiful home decor creation I have ever laid eyes upon. The dresser I bought for $35 at DI is short and long, and cream, and swirly. I call it awesome! My mother, with a shudder and a nippy cough into her embroidered handkerchief, calls it French Provincial. The drawer runners were all broken, and POEKRTRGMON was scribbled all over the underside, and it's in bad need of a paint job and some sanding and some wood putty in a couple of places, but I have taken it into my care and it's going to be beautiful. Granted, my pops did the drawer runner thing (I'd get lost in five minutes and start crying/singing hysterically about my short, traumatic career as the Florence Nightingale to used and abused furniture) but I sanded it and took all the handles out and prepped the thing for painting. I used a screwdriver, ok? Julie used a screwdriver. I will be painting it a Serene Cream sometime this week. Pictures will be posted.

I really miss the dorms (GULP) and doing things like this

I miss this guy
but I seriously enjoy the hysterical letters. I could always run naked through the MTC. I think that would be really beneficial.

I really miss this stinker

because she is going to Ecuador for a month. but she is my best friend and I still love her even when she gets third degree burns on her face and it is pus-ing. And even though she's basically a legal midget.


tom_clyde said...

68 words per minute. My fingers are so fat and slow! *bawls*

Lanee said...

I miss you TOOOOO! gasp, sob, squirming seizing mourning. I am in a foreign country without you...but I am still a midget. probably not legally here though. and the face stopped pussing.

debbbb said...

103wpm. i am so azn awesome. also reading your blog makes me think of 2116 hinckley hall, 1am, julie telling lanee her life stories. her slutty life stories.