Monday, September 8, 2008

People Who Don't Smile Normal

I'm sick. I have a bad, bad cold. Lanee is currently singing in the shower. She has been through six songs. I feel like this is the most we have bonded since we moved in together. Me, sitting in my bed with my humidifer, soup, books, and fifty thousand letters to respond to, trapped in a puddle of my own mucusy tissues, listening to Lanee imitate Billy Joel/Nat King Cole/other people in the bathroom. I have chimed in occasionally but she can't hear me because I haven't walked into there. It's hot in our apartment. We have decided we actually have no control over the heating and air conditioning systems, no matter which way we wiggle the little meters on the little box. I kind of like being sick, besides the fact that I am completely petrified of blowing my nose in public, so I just sat through all my classes today breathing uncomfortably through my mouth and occasionally sucking baby snot bubbles back into my sinuses so at least I wouldn't be dripping in front of people. Both of my Lit history professors, American and English, have slight speech impediments. For some reason (this is probably rude) I always assumed that by the time you get a doctorate, any speech impediments would go away. That makes sense, right? Smart people. With smart speech. I don't know. Maybe they're both SO well-read and know SO much stuff and SO many languages that they can't even handle speaking their native language correctly anymore, and they have to say "sh" for all their "s"'s because they know Navajo and Finnish and Zulu and twelve dead languages and Swahili and like all those languages better than English, and seven of those languages say "sh" instead of "s" so they just switched over and no one says anything or offers them a free session with an on-campus speech pathologist because they're doctors and you don't just tell a man who has a doctorate to go to a speech pathologist.
This post was going to be about people who are self-conscious and won't smile normally in pictures because they think they're ugly when they're really not, or know they really are. Those people usually really bug me, even though it's way easier to be one of them than people who give a good try at looking nice in pictures. Because then you never fail and people just laugh and point at you because you're the funny guy in the picture. Even though these people really usually bug me, like a lot, especially the ones who make the same face in every picture, occasionally you see one and can't help but laugh and have a funny day because of it. Like this one
where Logan looks a lot like a serial-killer rat but is still obviously being a wonderful missionary and baptizing someone. In most of the pictures he sends he looks like this.


Michelle said...

Logan is such a nut. This is exactly how I remember his face

Jules, I love you

lauren said...

Logan's toes creep me out.

About the romper thing... I FINALLY FOUND ONE but someone outbid me on Ebay. I cried. It was a sad day. I still have dreams about it.

Kelsey said...

Oh Julie!! Your blogs are the most fun to read. I need to majorly improve my writing skills. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I seriously love school up here in good old Rexburg so much!! It's fantastic

-emily- said...

I'm sorry if you hate me and my fake-smile pictures. Actually, I guess it's not so much that I'm necessarily fake smiling in most of my pictures, as much as it is my eyes are unnecessarily enormous. My sister makes fun of me for all my fake pictures that "don't look like me." This is probably a thing I should work on. Thank you for the inspiration.