Monday, October 27, 2008


I went to the Body Worlds exhibit
at the Leonardo in Salt Lake
with Wes on Friday night.
I was kind of hesitant at first, about going, because they use
real humans
--who have willingly donated their bodies to science--
to create their
on display. They replace the bodily fluids of cadavers with a hard, resin-like substance, and mold these bodies into different pieces of art. Usually removing
the skin.
And I have a weak stomach.
But I really wanted to see this show.
Because it looked fascinating.
And it was.
(Except the "THUNK-THUNK. THUNK-THUNK. THUNK-THUNK" that was scraping at my ears the whole two hours I was in there because it's their heart exhibit so they play a recording of one)
It's $22 a person, and runs through part of January.
And it's worth the money because you can be in there for hours and hours looking at all
the neat stuff.
Gross stuff.
But neat stuff.
If you go, look for my favorite things: the skier, the skating couple, the javelin thrower, the longitudinal slice of the obese person, the gymnast, and the camel. Along with baby camel.



Chelsea Michelle said...

Please and thank you. I LOVE that you know semi-why I get so into it. Except for our dissections don't look like all in cool positions. They just look like old dead people who are falling apart...literally.

Jessamyn Svensson said...

Holy crap man. I went there and I looooved it.

I will not lie, there were some points where I thought I was going to vomit... that I did not love.

Birrell Family said...

Hey Julie!
Loved to hear how you liked this exhibit. We would like to go during the holidays. Do you have to pre-buy tickets way ahead of time?