Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Case It's Been Keeping You Awake At Night

My blog was not named what it was named because I was told or made the decision that I am brave and/or unbalanced.
It was named after the below quote from the above movie. Go to 3:50 in the video, and listen to what the little man in the little white suit shrieks when the redhead in the blue polyester dress is being assaulted.

Please watch the whole movie sometime, it is the funniest thing that came out of the 70s. Also, Ryan O'Neal was a god. Not now that he has beaten his children half to death and been a middle-aged druggie and stuff, but then--he was a god.


alayne said...

haha, i LOVE this movie! fabulous choice for blog title :)

Birrell Family said...

THANK YOU for your info on BodyWorld. I believe we will go. It does seem so strange to see dead bodies, but also educational. Sometimes I wonder what God thinks about all of this?

Btw... we love that movie! She reminds me of you in it :)
Have a lovely day! Love Brenda

Fran said...


"How DARE you strike that brave, unbalanced woman!"

Such good times. :)

-emily- said...


I feel like, even more than someone needs to put Clue onstage, someone NEEDS to do a stage version of this.

Kelsey said...

Plus Barbara Streisand is AMAZING!!!!! Got to love any movie she's in.

Marie Stott said...

Julie, I did not know you had a blog. You need to inform me of these things. And I adore What's up Doc, absolutely adore it. I love Uniss (sp?)

Alexander said...
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Elder Roxas said...

*laughs* It has been keeping me up at night. And that bit from 4:10 to 4:20 is some really 70's good fight choreography.

I should see this movie. It looks good.