Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And So, As Tiny Tim Observed

God bless the stylish people who have chosen to sell to Plato's throughout the time frame of my last few shifts, in order for me to take my employee discount out with a bang.
God bless you, everyone.

God bless scary ladies who present me with a bunch of their vintage belts that fit my waist perfectly that are too scary for the store to take.
God bless Sonic for being a foot away from my apartment.
God bless this darling boy
but God bless this picture of him even more

God bless the snow
And God bless my God-given talent for skillfully avoiding finals as long as possible by running around my apartment eating mozzarella sticks and taking pictures of things.


Heidi said...

God bless YOU.

I so heart you right now.

Casey T. said...

I forgot about the snow. I love the snow!

Kristi said...

that picture of Wes is now my desktop background.