Wednesday, January 28, 2009

16 days till my birthday.


(cup of jo)

(le love)

(l. katherine aho, photographer extraordinaire)

My sweet friend Kelsey gave me the excuse to share six random facts about myself. Considering the fact that this blog is centered around my life, and my self, and my brilliant ideas, and my pictures, and my beautifulness, and my incandescent wit, I just shared six things I like instead.. like everybody else and their dog on blogspot does all the time. And I know my birthday isn't for sixteen days, but I've been thinking about Valentines Day for a month already. I wanted to jump on the picture-heavy bandwagon for just a post--I feel like a big fat traitor to my expansive vocabulary for even doing so.

Anyways, Happy Valentimes in 16 days.


brycrasch said...

Oh stop being to good for picture posts! Jk I LOVE these. What do you want for your birthday?

tracy said...

Julie I love you. I can't believe we've hardly seen each other this year. I just found your blogspot and realized that I missed you and talking about English and life. By the way: I just read Loves Labours Lost last semester and its utterly brilliant. Gah!!! Anyway, you really do need to come to dinner. Like next sunday or something.

P.S. A Fine Frenzy has been like my drug lately. I went through a phase where I had to listen to Almost Lover at least three times a day.

Angelica said...

I know we're not friends in the traditional sense of the word, we don't hang out, or even know each other very well, but we're both in love with Lanee and I think you have pretty hair and I like reading your blog, so I'm adding you to my blog list so that I don't have to go through Lanee's blog to get to yours, since she never updates hers anyway. I hope I don't seem affront.