Saturday, January 17, 2009


I hate to be sneaky, but I can't help wanting to share my entire unprivate life with the entire internet. But I have to make it private, after a lecture or seven on privacy. So, I'm pulling a Madlibs, which I swiped from Boob . Forgive me.
This allows you to stretch your imagination any which way you want, because as far as horror or embarrassment or hysteria, the bones of this story don't go so far. It's just a sweet one. Uncharacteristically sweet. So sweet that you'd probably have to brush your teeth and have a big glass of water after reading it. So sweet you'd stay in your pajamas reading Nicholas Sparks novels and wedding blogs and weeping all day. And this blog is not for sweet stories. Really, I'm just doing you a favor. So, pick your own words, pick good ones, and enjoy your version of my life.

Pick a

1. verb (action words, action words, action words...are verbs!)
2. adjective
3. noun
4. adjective
5. adjective
6. adjective
7. noun
8. sophomore/junior/senior
9. adjective

On Wednesday, I was (verb 1'd) by a(n) (adjective 2) young (noun 3).
It was (adjective 4), and (adjective 5)!
I have had a(n) (adjective 6) (noun 7) on this (noun #3) since (s/j/s) year. And when (noun #3) (verb 1'd) me, I was (adjective 9)!!!!!!!!!


Casey T. said...

On Wednesday, I was molested by a grusome young Labrador. It was slobberful, and...messy! I have had a watchful eye on this Labrador since Sophmore year. And when Labrador molested me, I was pedantic.

aly said...

i want to hear the real story sometime... :)

Allie said...

OH! I see, I see. Thanks for explaining to this poor little bird.

By the way, I absolutely love the pictures Aly took of you. Beautiful.