Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vicki Lickins

The title of this post is what it is because that's what my dad calls my mom. It's 2:47 AM on Mother's Day, and everyone is sleeping, and I ate a big fat bowl of Cocoa Puffs, and my mom is way awesomer than your mom. My mom is selfless, she does everything anyone ever asks her to do, and she's the go-to for every situation. Whenever I see an old friend, I tell them I miss them, they tell me they miss me, too, and then they add, "I really miss your mom too!" without fail. Every single one of you. And for good reason! She is a perfect friend and treats everybody equally, whether they're Muhammad Yunus or annoying girls at her work or people from the 4th ward (ahem) or my school friends. Everyone gets a large dose of love and respect from Vicki Lickins, because she is amazing.

This is me and my mom, you know, like, in 1989. Don't we look cozy? She took a Myspace-esque picture of us without even knowing it. I love it. And her. And she loves me.
In 2008, we made pirate faces together in Las Vegas. Rrrrrrar. Everyone who mourned the fact that Vicki Garbutt would never look undignified in a picture, not to mention, make a pirate face: wish granted. My mom is fantastic, and feisty like a pirate.
This is her at her wedding with her mom, my grandma, who is pretty rocking awesome as well. I look up to them both, very much, without looking up to their fashion decisions in this picture. Don't they look pretty though?
Speaking of my grandma, Happy Mother's Day to her too, because she counts. I love her. My grandpa's in this picture too. He's a wonderful man, although this isn't his day. He is wearing suspenders, though. And that's me, with them.
Oh, Janice. I sure do love you.
Pretty bride mom a billion years ago. I love visiting my grandparents in Bountiful and going to Relief Society in the room my mom and dad's reception was in in 1977. I like to sit in the corner where they had their cake displayed. In. The same. Corner.
I love my Mommy.
Happy Mother's Day to her.


A.J said...

thats so sweet

Constance Marie said...

I love you, and I love your mom, and I love these pictures, and I love Mothers' Day.

Birrell Family said...

Hi Julie,
I use Photoshop Elements and place them in a grid. Easy! Stop by and I will show you anytime... even on Sunday. Bring your sweetheart too for 10 minute learning max. Love you!

bulkleybunch said...

julie, i ran across your blog from brenda's and just had to comment. that is such a sweet tribute to your mama! i agree, she's pretty amazing, you are super duper lucky! :)
hollie bulkley (no longer a member of the ahem 4th ward!) :)

Alison said...

Jules, I love this post. Your mom is amazing. I don't know if anyone has ever noticed this or if it is just me being crazy but Jenny looks so much like your mom in her wedding pics. Love you and your fabulous family. It is nice to have such a cool second family.