Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bullets of Notice

  • I am alive and very, very well.
  • Since my last post, I have been doing pretty well at making goals and finishing them and trying new ones. Huzzah. Not perfect, lots of backsliding and forehead slapping, but productiveness is happening.
  • I have to buy 17 books for fall semester. You heard me. My booklist contains 17 singular books. I'm both feeling incredibly attractive and being nervous.
  • When some people are sad, they eat too much. Others eat too little. I just eat straight candy. I learned that when I was sad for a few days. Just candy. Even in the morning all I wanted was candy. Sour candy. Sour watermelons and stuff like that. And my digestive system seemed to regulate itself on candy. Next time my dad's on a fast for his diabetes, it's a candy fast for my intestines. Yessir.
  • Emily and Ames got married yesterday and it was the best day ever and very tiring. Kyle and I picked up the flowers and delivered them to the temple without getting killed in between.
  • I passed Physical Science. I just high-fived myself again about that. Goodbye atoms and fission and planets forever. I will not miss you. Please die.
  • I am running with open arms toward fall semester: Shakespeare, specialized British lit to 1500, Art History, books books books. Take me baby.
  • Mimi's Cafe is really good, but they have a breakfast menu that's basically big piles of fat, and we went there for Jenny's birthday at 7:30 in the morning on Friday, and nothing sounded barfier than bacon/eggs/sausage/potatoes/butter/greasefat. I looked at the back of the breakfast menu and was just happy to find that they had oatmeal. I was even happier when it was delivered to me, perfectly gelatinous and creamy, in a bowl on a plate with a doily, with three tiny blue things of brown sugar, granola, and raisins, and a tiny tiny thing of milk.So if you're ever feeling like not eating a pile of fat for breakfast at Mimi's, try the oatmeal. Mmm mmm mmm.
  • Everyone will always say what they think the other person wants them to say at hard times. Or they'll just tell them how great you are. People think they have to take sides when that's probably the last thing they need to do. These things can be both very helpful and very detrimental to trying to think your way through something.
  • Calligraphy is for patient people.
  • Cafe Rio's pork isn't as good as Costa Vida's, but it's passable. So don't be afraid of Cafe Rio anymore. Except for that going to Cafe Rio has turned so franchised it's kind of like going into Disneyland.
  • Speaking of Disneyland, I like it there, and I would like to go soon.
  • I like, and I'm pretty sure you all must have known about it for like five years by now, because I just found out about it. Am I right?
  • Check out the rad blanket (sheet) fort at top. I am in full utilization of my version. You should probably utilize yours too, because soon it will be fall (October) and cozy.


Casey T. said...

You should come see disneyWORLD instead

Constance Marie said...

I love Mimi's breakfast! They have a good low-fat blueberry muffin. And I hear you about fall books. I've got 21 myself. Yick. But also delciious.

Emma said...

yay julie! also, if possible please please please take richard duerden for shakespeare. it will change your life

me said...

congratulations on dishonestly making it through a college course.