Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some exchanges, lately

My mom and I are sitting in my kitchen.

VICKI: Who are you texting?
ME: ___ _____. (guy I know)
VICKI: What did you say?
ME: That if he needed cuddling after the (big test/life crisis/nuclear explosion/getting fired/open-heart surgery/roadtrip/major life decision--can't be too specific), I'd be happy to oblige.
VICKI: You just can't play the game, can you? You have no game.
ME: Shut up Mom!!!

On the fourth floor of the JFSB (English department offices), I am waiting for the elevator with my red duckie umbrella tucked under my arm. Some prof in an orange shirt and a tie with books on it walks up with his prof friend, talking about El Azteca. And I think yummmmm. About El Azteca, not the professor.

RANDOM PROFESSOR: Young lady, you have a duck under your arm.
ME: Yes. Yes I do. And I heard you talking about El Azteca...and I wish I could leave school right now and go there.
RANDOM PROFESSOR: You're welcome to join! We're going right now.
ME: Well, (making weighing motions with my hands) art history, El Azteca, art history, El Azteca
RANDOM PROFESSOR: Well, the offer stands until this elevator stops on the first floor. El Azteca is much more important than class.
ME: Uh, really? Can I quote you on that?

Andie Pheysey and I are on Facebook chat.

ANDIE: Yeah, how are things going?
ME: Pretty OK. I had a hard time this summer, but I'm doing much much better now.
ANDIE: Oh good, Love hurts doesn't it?
ME: Yeah. It definitely does. But Heavenly Father has helped me a lot.
ANDIE: Yes it does. Oh good, I'm glad that you're doing okay.
ME: Me too, Andie. Me too.


Amy said...

we had el azteca burritos, taquitos, and chimichangas in class today.

with extra lime, avocado, and cilantro.

Liesl said...

Oh, this was wonderful to read. Delightful. And I'm glad that my simple little comment was able to warm your innards for a season. Really, I meant every word.

Constance Marie said...

I like that professor mucho.

Emma said...

don't use suspense in your writing julie, it kills me. did you go to el azteca? and is that picture at the beginning of you? because it's really really pretty.

misc. said...

i love heavenly father...and you...and this blog...and some chocolate mmm

lauh-ren said...

i like you.

Andrea said...

You should have hugged that professor.

Next time.

Allie said...

That picture I took of you in England really is lovely, isn't it? We make a great team.