Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm thankful for Regina

this picture is from last night from my very own camera.

I am thankful for Regina Spektor the singer.
I am thankful that her concert in Salt Lake was last night and that I got to go and stand huddled up against the back of some tall boy who was huddled onto his short boyfriend's back in front of him.
I thought if height order was fair I probably should have been between them. But I could see Regina out of my left eye over the guy's shoulder about half the time, so I was good.
I guess if height order was correct and fair and just I probably should have just shoved Tawny in front of me.
I am thankful that Regina played Poor Little Rich Boy and Eet and Dance Anthem of the Eighties, and the song that is very special to me (The Man of a Thousand Faces) that nobody even knows, and that she was as sweet and charming in concert as she was the last time she was here. She really is incredible live. And I wish she'd played Somedays but oh well.
I am thankful that her opening band didn't suck at all. They were really awesome. They were Jupiter One.
I am thankful that she was wearing a cool patterned housedress-type dress with faces on it, because she is cool.
I am thankful that I could go with Talley because he is my friend. We went to Moochies to eat Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and Carl's Jr. for shakes beforehand, and I am thankful, because both were super delicious.
I am thankful that after five hours of standing in that blasted arena, with my knees tired and wobbling, and sweaty, we went to Maverick and I got a sweet, icy Sierra Mist from the fountain which quenched my thirst like nothing ever has before.
I am thankful for the kind of tired that's like when you're leaving Disneyland and you're ten years old and you feel like you won't even make it across the cement to the Mustafa parking lot and you'll just die right there on the ground full of tired Space Mountain-y happiness, because that was the kind of tired I was last night and it felt so good to crawl into bed so tiredly and so full of Regina Spektor goodness.

Thank you Housedresses Across America, Sierra Mist, Talley, Katie, Whitney, Tawny, and Makena, Jupiter One, Moochies, and Carl's Jr. for existing on yesterday, the sixth of November, two thousand and nine.

And thank you Regina. Awesomeness.

Following: I am thankful for People Who Met in My British Lit Class Whose Relationship We All Got To Watch Bud Who Are Now Getting Married.
(and yes I barely know these people, and yes I might be a creep (See: Jenny's Creep Wednesday) for writing about them, but they just make me joyously happy.)


lauh-ren said...

i'm not jealous. not at all.

okay, i kind of hate you.

Erin said...

I was there too! It was amazing! And I had to miss that song because my friend hadn't gotten there yet and I had to guide her to The Venue. But you posted it so its all good. So thank you!

Stephanie said...

That's a way good photo! You must have been close! I had to close one eye too, some of the time. Hate tall boys.

jenny said...

Thank you very much for referencing Creep Wednesday. Means a lot sis.

kELLO! said...

oohh! so jeal!

kate. said...

ahh yes.. i agree! i can't remember the last time that i was as happy as I was at her concert. just a total submersion of joy. excellent post. ten points for you ms. julie.

it was fun seeing you there on our way out!