Friday, February 12, 2010

I am a Seven Beautiful Blogger

In honor of the fact that I am currently in my bed with a fistful of tissues and the Family Sick mug and my cat, having caught Andrea/John/Ruth's cold, and in honor of the fact that I have discovered Mucinex and don't know why I ever took anything else, and in honor of the fact that it's my birthday on Sunday and I'll be turning 21 and am having a small but not unpleasant life crisis about it, and in honor of the fact that I've already blogged twice this week


and in honor of the fact that this sweet girl bestowed upon me my First Ever Blog Award

I would like to share with you seven pictures that make me happy.
Because apparently when you get a blog award you say seven things.
And because Emily's been doing this thirty days of blogging thing and I really like it when she posts pictures.
I considered sharing my seven favorite blogs, but you've got all fifty on the side there, and I read a hundred and fifty more than that even, so there really aren't just seven.

Last night, having given up trying to fall asleep while breathing through my mouth, I laid on my side and flicked through my iPhoto album. There aren't scads of photos in there, just back to the summer after I graduated high school.

But here are seven. Some old, some new.

This is when my beloved Bry came to visit me, and Missalicious was there too.
This lady was my piano teacher for fifteen years.
This is my family walking to the park at a reunion two summers ago.
This is...well, this is just a very attractive picture of Chase and Ames when I left my camera on the table during our 2009 New Years Party.
This is Mr. Benjamin. Obviously we are kindred. Look at our faces.
This is the night before my high school graduation, when Casey and Dave and I decided to lie in the middle of the street.
And finally, this masterpiece comes after two days in Disneyland. Caitlin, Mel, Sarah, and Emily.


Liesl said...

You seem to have a liking for lying down in random places. Remember when we laid down in Crosshalls at Orem High after Newspaper with Becky and Briana? That was fantastic. Epic. Beautiful. Just like your blog.

Sarah and Robbie said...

I love your crazy Disneyland hotel. Love it.

dizzy said...

and you know, you SHOULD have a blog-of-note.

Viva La Fashion said...

congrats on your award! :D


Fun poses~
piano teacher for fifteen years~ impressive!