Monday, February 8, 2010

Zingela siyo, zingela baba

I'm currently missing my first class.

Don't give me a hard time, my subconscious is already doing so and I've only missed it this one time so far.

I'm eating oatmeal.

Do you know what an accomplishment that is? Not the oatmeal. That I have this class three times a week and didn't miss it once in January? My goodness, that almost deserves some kind of award. I guess skipping it this once was my award. It's deceptively sunny out this morning, pretending like it's warm out there when I know it's really not and it probably really won't be until the middle of May. Or the weather will follow suit of the weather in 2008, when it was infamously rainy and freezing until the middle of June. JUNE. I was walking to my spring term classes in a coat and boots in the middle of June, and I wasn't having it.

Growing up here I always thought "wow, we have such great weather" until I visited other places like Hawaii and San Diego and Seattle (oh BEAUTIFUL SEATTLE!) and even St. George. Then I took another brief look around here, Orem, UT: Freezing November-May with a few scattered days of perfect temperature. Like four. Boiling hot late May-October, with the same amount of good temperature days. But hey, these few days of pseudospring in February are what I live for in the winter, when I can stand on the steps outside a class building with the backs of my jeaned knees to the sun and feel them warm. My kneepits get warm, I'm good for a few days. It's amazing what the sun can do.

Like make me miss class this Monday just because I woke up, on time even, to see it shining whitely through my window onto a three-day old cup of tea on my desk and the cat sitting in the sill, and the sunshine made me feel so darned cheerful that I didn't mind the glopping gluey protein powder I stirred into my hot cereal or the amount I Didn't get done this weekend or that I traded nine extra minutes of sleep for getting to class on time or at all.
Mondays sometimes have that nice air of newness about them, like it's January 1st every week. Like today even though I missed my class, I'll be happy to stroll onto campus late in a new pair of trousers I bought over the weekend and get some classing done. Like rehearsal will be fantastic tonight and somehow I'll find time to get to bed on time and I will wake up tomorrow morning feeling completely refreshed and I will look out my window again like Cinderella does in the movie, except my hair won't be as fluffy. I do have the hoardes of chirping birds though. Eat that.

At least when I'm feeling optimistic that's what Mondays feel like, and that's how I'm feeling today. It's sunny. I woke up with a song I haven't listened to in weeks stuck in my head and have since listened to it about twelve times. It may be from The Lion King, and it may be about hunting. But it makes me happy.
So here it is Monday again. I'm off.

"Kneepits" is the word of the day. Chant it to yourself. What an awesomely gross word.


Liesl said...

Seriously? "Kneepits" is disgusting. You made me feel all gross inside. Now every time I think of that word I wince and my skin crawls up my kneepits. Sick. Ew. Nasty. Shame on you. SHAME.

Lanee said...

I seem to recall doing that cinderella move out of the very same window. I believe I was headed to the opera, now look where that got me.

Brittany said...

I think its great that you are skipping less class and I am skipping much more class.


But, I'm with you with the weather. That's why I'm living in San Diego when I grow up. Or even Coronado Island. I love that place too.

Fake-spring in February will just have to do for now.

Anonymous said...

I thought you said class was 'cancelled'......ahem.

Love, Mom