Saturday, May 17, 2008

Some Like It Hot

I forgot how much I LOVE this movie until it came on KBYU and I flipped between it and Indecent Proposal (which I also LOVE) while recuperating from the longest two days ever.

Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon are so. funny. in this movie. I never felt awkward watching Jack Lemmon slut around the tango floor with Joe E. Brown until this most recent viewing though. I don't think I really got the irony when I was, like, nine years old. the fact that he's cross-dressing and everything. but I'm so glad that Sugar and Joe/Josephine/Junior end up together in the end even though he's a saxophone player and not an inheritor to a huge fortune in oil. so glad. I love Tony Curtis, and all of the backless (and basically, folks, frontless) dresses that Marilyn Monroe sings in. they are glittery and I would like to wear them.


e.l.d. said...

omg I love that movie so much. We should have a party.

Sarah and Robbie said...

we always like it hot . . . and that is in a totally non-gross way, and only in a funny way . . . ahahaha (nervous laugh)
seriously, though! love and miss ya!