Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring Term: Educational

I am aware that I make a lot of lists on this blog. I think in lists. Very often. Sue me.

Knowledge Gained Since The Beginning of Spring Term:

1. Everyone on campus is bi or trilingual except for me. And a surprising amount of them speak Arabic.
2. English classes at BYU are just like ones in high school—only one or two people actually regularly comment and answer questions, and, if you do a huge favor to the teacher and become one of these people, you get sick of hearing your own voice. And the annoying frizzy girl behind you’s voice. But, in these classes, you learn a heck of a lot more than you did in high school. And read way cooler stuff. AND you can talk about sex in context with literature.
3. Being a spiritual giant and speaking fifteen—not exaggerating—languages does not stop you from being completely insane, i.e., my religion teacher.
4. The guy has also passed over 200 kidney stones in the last nine years, and chose to share that with us the second day of class. I was seriously fascinated.
5. Vending machine treats have suddenly entered the spectrum of constant, mouth-watering thought now that I have lost my Dining Plus Privileges. Sob.
6. It’s not the book of Revelations, it’s the book of Revelation.
7. It is possible to learn something about someone you thought you could never get over, this something causing you to automatically be over them for all eternity even though you’ve been agonizing over them for two years. Pretty wonderful moment that was.
8. Rice pudding is pretty ok. With white chocolate chips mixed in, not so much. And it has a texture that is reminiscent of something seriously gross that I can’t identify.
9. I am smart.
10. My little sister, while I have been away at college, has developed the habit of taking two huge pieces of celery around the house with her and drumming them on pieces of furniture and family members (like drumsticks) while she snacks on them throughout the day. It’s super endearing. Also gross. There are two half-chewed stalks of celery sitting on the counter next to me right now.


MerktheGreat said...

might i know who this past obsession is? love ya!

Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

A. I saw Regina's "Ghost of Corperate Future" on your list. Some old man inside me cried a tear of pride.

2. your #7 intrigues me

e.l.d. said...

Your #7 happened to me. Let's be friends.