Monday, June 2, 2008

At Least the Weather's Perfect

I woke up half an hour late in spite of going to bed early in order to wake up early, said a curse word, didn’t have time to shower, didn’t, stuffed my bag with six huge books, suddenly remembered forty pages of reading I had for Fundamental Lit I had somehow completely forgotten all weekend, said another curse word, did a pathetic skim of said reading assignment at stoplights on the way to campus, changed my shirt from the clean and slightly ugly one I was wearing to a dirty one I like more that I found in the back of my car, got to campus, realized my phone AND iPod were dead, walked music-less to class, answered a question wrong in FL because of said pathetic stoplight skimming, tried to walk to my car after my second class to charge my phone because I cannot function without it, started getting all low-blood-sugar-shaky-quivery, sat on the grass and wolfed my entire lunch to gain strength, finally got to the car after a couple of breaks to sit down on the sidewalk, charged the phone, had a completely chicken conversation in which I should have just spilled everything but didn’t and probably never will, walked back to campus, ran into eighty thousand supremely obnoxious EFY people, made obscene faces at a dozen or so, got visually felt-up by a couple, and considered tripping a few, regretted wearing a shirt that is actually my anatomic size, got to my last class, ate four cookies in three minutes and felt really sick, took a poll of my favorite classmates in which it was determined that it is totally ok that I have wild, like-y feelings for this one guy although there are some awkward extraneous circumstances involved (the prof thinks it’s ok too), crawled exhaustedly (and still music-less) back to my car, crawled the car home in a ton of random traffic, read a letter that I only have very mean and realistic things to say back to, and now am blogging instead of doing hundreds of pages of reading for a midterm I have tomorrow.

Does anyone else have days like this?


Lanee said...

Run on sentence. I missed you.

lauren said...

you make me glad that it's summer, despite how depressing it has been

lauren said...

i must see your screen of the kiss. i love that one! and i am not just saying that--i really must see it.