Thursday, July 31, 2008


Yesterday at noon, when Jenny woke up, I announced to her that we were going to Do Something before I went to work. I decided this because, besides work, all I do is sleep, eat, and look at my clothes. Same with Jenny, except she doesn't work. So we decided to go be Active. The activity we chose was to find a Cool Spot up the canyon that can be our spot, because everyone else has a Spot up there somewhere. Even the Crazy White Trash Crazies. We thought yesterday would be a good day to go up, because the Bridal Veil fire (sad.) was so recent that there wouldn't be as many people up there, just helicopters dumping water on the tiny bit of fire still left. So. Still in our pajamas, which converted conveniently to Rugged OutdoorsmanWear, we went up past Bridal Veil, to Vivian Park, and then up to South Fork. We walked up and down the runoff stream, away from the actual park, for a long time. It was very beautiful! Everything is so green because it was winter this year until about JUNE so there was tons more moisture than I can ever remember since I've been alive. So everything is very beautiful and less crunchy than usual. By July everything's usually fried.

We walked up and down the stream, and our feet turned white because it was SO cold but it felt delightful because the air was so hot. Jenny actually dropped the camera in the water and it actually floated down the stream for about four feet but then we said a prayer over it and it actually started working again almost immediately. Then she got hot, so she simply took her shorts off, dipped them in the water, and put them back on again. And we just jumped around and splashed and had a great time.

**** I do not, in fact, have two bellybuttons.

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