Sunday, July 13, 2008

Struck My Fancy


-relatively inexpensive
-smelly in a good way

a petal got scraped off in an unfortunate encounter with Talley's couch (ow) but otherwise you get the general idea.
everyone I've ever met who does it themselves is always blabbing about not being able to find a pin-sized applicator tip, in order to do small designs, but I found one with no problem.
also, I am aware that I have the feet of a hairless 45-year-old man. And I'm secure about it.


-emily- said...

I'm obsessed with henna. My roommates and I did it all the time this past winter. I plan to get some done in London. Woot.

Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

a feet struck more of a hobbit with alopecia comparison for me

Allie said...

Henna is the greatest! And by the way, you did an excellent job on your beautiful foot.

aly said...

julie i want you to do a cool henna design on me! :) please please! because oh man you have some mad skills!