Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Dee-Light In

  • Waiting rooms with National Geographics in giant stacks...I love looking at the pictures
  • My new, tiny, red phone
  • Affectionate people
  • Knowing someone so long that she offers to let you use her toothbrush when you don't have one
  • Working with people who are as weird and obsessed about clothing as I am
  • Singing super loud when home alone and still looking around furtively when I crack
  • The color yellow
  • Playing a beautiful Debussy piece on the piano!
  • My grandma's house
  • Really old Barbies with the heavy winged eyeliner and red fingernails
  • Inside jokes that aren't funny anymore but somehow become more hysterical that way because they bug everyone not involved so much
  • Chlorine-y smell
  • Getting Jenny's Vogues in the mail while she's gone so I can sneak them before she's home
  • Really sugary soda. You just have to drink it every once in a while.
  • Reading nonfiction about really cool things like mummies or Tsar Nicholas II
  • Rollerblading in my beautiful neighborhood and knowing every single bump in the sidewalk
  • Streets with lots and lots of giant trees
  • Going to church, getting bored, then being completely entertained by the adorable babies that are, like, seven to a pew
  • Flower patterns
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Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one who took pause at "rollerblading"