Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Fourth

That's mom's the president. So we rode in the parade. In this truck.
There were about 300 of these guys waiting around to walk, and they're the most popular part! Everyone gets up and cheers. I was putting different faces on them the whole morning.
Our transportation was owned by the Losees as in Losee jewelers. As in we sat with them at the gala and her diamond was the size of a grape. Not even kidding you. Anyways about the parade.
Gotta love Vicki the Visor and Jenny the Genial. She (Jenny) stayed out all night at the parade site and was a joy to have in the car all morning (not).
There were so many cute little kids! This was our second car...1973 Cadillac convertible.
After the parade I ran to go boating with my favorite family for a couple hours! I love Chelsea Michelle Gould (commonly known as Tacher) and how absolutely Fetching we are when wet.
Oh Hannah Goooooooooo. And the dog that isn't Buddy but I am getting used to him.
When did baby Tyler grow up? Just kidding he's still a doof. He almost lost those precious glasses in the lake. And punched me numerous times.
"Oh Heeeeeeey!"
Back to the stadium for the pre-reception and the Stadium of Fire. Miley Cyrus came into the press conference unannounced and I was trampled by millions of fat little eight-year-old girls.
This picture of Her is about as quality as the performance was. She sang about a hundred songs and I, at 19, could understand about 11% of what she was saying, so who knows what all the old people got out of it. Let's just say, after an eternally long week, next to no sleep, and a slight sunburn, I was just happy to lay back and drool at the fireworks when their fantastic selves finally arrived. It was a great night though...a great July fourth overall.


alayne said...

ok. the losees have come to my work a couple of times and i know the diamond you are speaking of. it is massive. she complimented my ring and then i looked over at hers and was like uuhhhh yours is nice too. she might get some sort of hand disease from wearing that heavy of a rock. anyways! looks like you had a terrific fourth!:)

Sarah and Robbie said...

very cute pictures . . . i saw miley cyrus in january- all my little sisters came out for the concert in chicago- it was very fun, but mostly just because MY little "fat", screaming, eight year old siblings were so dang cute when they were jumping around and singing to her "songs". ;)

Lanee said...

The eight year olds where fat?

Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

This sounds like you had a busy day. Not unlike Ms. Cyrus herself

Kristi said...

how dare you ride in a car owned by those who take the food off my table!! fraternizing with the enemy, I see.

Allie said...

Alright. Who took that amazing picture of you and Chelsea on the boat? I'm in love with it.