Thursday, July 3, 2008


I met this woman last night. I had the amazing opportunity to meet Immaculee Ilibagiza at the Freedom Festival's awards gala that my incredible mother is in charge of!
Immaculee was a college student living with her family in Rwanda when the genocide occured in 1994, and she hid with SEVEN other women in a three-by-four foot bathroom for NINETY-ONE days, starting out at 115 pounds and ending up at 65. She taught herself English while she was in this bathroom and also found God! How cool is that?! It was kind of unreal to meet someone so neat. She got about four five-minute long standing ovations throughout the night. Her speech was so amazing. I am so, so, so glad I got to interact with this woman and learn her story.

(that's my parents in fancy shmancy sparkly formal clothing)
(and Immaculee)
(and Jenny's MAC lipstick that she's really really proud of)
(and me with my shoes off restored to normal midget status)
(and my dress, circa 1953, courtesy of the OHS costume shop...which I will never be returning, thank you)


Lanee said...

holy holy holy

Allie said...

Wow. That is incredible. What a night!

Kristin Louise said...

Totally didn't know you had a blog! She sounds amazing. Isn't it nice when you have connections? (p.s. thanks for the help at plato's, i know now I should only shop there when you're there)

aly said...

i just bought her book and am so excited to start reading it! that is so cool that you met her!