Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Being a Real Live Grownup

Today, Lanee and I became adults. We moved into an actual apartment. Last year, we lived in the dorms, where we had our noses wiped and bums patted by our drawling RA, Amanda, from South Carolina. We, along with the 38 other girls on our hall and the rest of the freshmen living in Helaman Halls, didn't have to buy real groceries. We had meal plans on our ID cards, so we could just swipe those wherever we went, on any whim, to get junk food or gum or lunchables out of vending machines. We didn't have a kitchen, we didn't have a front door and windows to lock at night, and we didn't have dishes. Now we have dishes. And a cute doormat. And we went grocery shopping for the first time, and it was insane, except for we conformed to the man because we went to Wal-Mart. I don't know why I forgot it's across the street from UVU and that today was city-wide move-in day. Every college student alive was there, and all four black people that live in Utah, and every white trash scary gaucho-wearing lady, and every construction worker. We figured we should just snake up through every single food aisle in the entire store in case we saw anything we forgot to put on our shopping list. So, basically we were there for two hours. And bought, combinedly, $22o dollars worth of stuff. The only irrational purchases were my otter pops and the McDonald's Lanee had to stop and get afterwards because the shopping was so traumatizing. It was fun though! At points we were laughing so hard that Lanee had to sit down on the floor and cry for a second.

Some gems of the day:

-Having an apartment-mate named Jackie move all her stuff in, poop in her bathroom, break the handle on the toilet, leave the poop in the toilet without saying anything to us, and then getting transferred to a different building leaving her EXCREMENT there for us to discover.
-Our other roommate, who has stayed so far, who had every ENRICHMENT CRAFT EVER MADE hanging all over our walls when we got back from grocery shopping. Thanks for asking. Or collaborating. There are five quotey-board-things in the front room alone, my favorite being "Together is our Favorite Place to Be"!!!!! !! !! !!! We got back at her by hanging Lanee's cubist painting from Ecuador on a random wall in the kitchen.
-When we got lost in Wal-Mart and couldn't find a shower curtain or a cable cord or hand soap or whatever, we finally figured out it was easier just to walk down adjoining aisles and shout to each other if we were finding the specific item yet. Lots of stares. But it took half as long.

Real gems of the day:

-Discovering our unbelievable amount of closet space. Both of us can fit every single pair of our shoes.
-Lanee writing "L" on every single one of her bananas with a pink Sharpie.
-Me drawing a smiley face on my cantaloupe with Lanee's black Sharpie.
-A pretty nice apartment, overall.
-Going to lunch with my parents and getting to see Lanee get to know Eric Carr Sackett and like him as much as I do! He helped us move in.
-The homeless guy by Wal-Mart who turned his "Food" (or whatever) sign over to the "ADOPT ME" side when we drove by and wiggled his eyebrows at me.
-Discovering that heavy frames can be stuck on the wall instead of nailed without falling down.
-Making Ramen in my microwave for the first time. That was for you, Chelsea Michelle Gould.

More shopping tomorrow. I have to buy a hamper, because mine died, and a cut-glass bowl for bananas, and those clicky lights that you stick on things and click on and off, and we forgot hand soap so I have to get that too.
But this whole thing has been pretty fun so far. And I would have lots of entertaining pictures but the whole moving party looked paunchy and hostile and sweaty all day.


Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

Yay for adulthood..

Chelsea Michelle said...

Hahaha. YES! I love everything about this post. It's Mwah. Love your guts.