Friday, August 22, 2008

Who me?



think I look


like either of these people? Because I've gotten Claire from billions of people--still can't see it--and I got Zooey Deschanel from three customers in one day this week. Is it the bangs? I'm so confused.


Kelsey said...

You sort of look like both. Alot, actually. Who cares who you look like though. You're beautiful being yourself;) which you better already know haha

Lanee said...

Claire Danes? Seriously?

I'll never look at you the same.

You no longer have your own identity.

debbbb said...

claire danes? not even. did you see stardust? she does this self conscious head shake when she bares her soul to the dude who was temporarily turned into a rat. she shook her head so much i thought it might get permanent damage.

but i can see the zooey deschanel. you kind of have the eyes a bit. and if you look at the eyes/coloring zooey looks like katy perry. you know... i kissed a girl and i liked it?

Alisha said...

you look like clair because of your strong features. strong jawline, high cheeck bones, huge eyes.
zooey because you dress like a bag lady. oh and similar hair. the end.

Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

Maybe some form of hybrid?