Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Week

The best things about the family trip we took to Vegas were:
(is that already an oxymoron?)

-seeing a big, creepy picture of Donny and Marie on the side of the Flamingo, and realizing that my bangs may look just like Marie's. yesssss.
-going to the awesomest tackiest buffet ever where I could have gelato, watermelon, sushi, and cocktail shrimp all on the same plate at 11:30 at night surrounded by French tourists in boating shoes with no socks and Asian tourists in rhinestoned Hello Kitty sweatshirts with ugly Coach accessories.
-walking down the strip in 115 degree heat to get to the best place ever...the Forum shops...and WALKING INTO Marc Jacobs, H & M, Salvatore Ferragamo, Theory, American Apparel (for Jenny), and lots of other places I had no money to spend at but did anyways.
-In-n-Out. Obviously.
-finding a very flashy Denny's that only two or three people who read this blog occasionally will appreciate as much as I did.
-realizing that I have a strange and thus far unexplained affinity for Sicilian men in Speedos and gold jewelry with questionable amounts of chest hair who walk around pools acting like they own the place.
-listening to my mom explain to my little sister that every really old guy who walked by us on the strip with a really young girl in anything thigh-high probably wasn't married to her.
-seeing the Blue Man Group and being amused that people pay $100 to be entertained by toilet paper. a lot of toilet paper.
-re-realizing that Jenny is, and always will be, the Biggest Blanket Hog in the Universe, always leaving me with the comforter, which everyone knows they don't wash very often.
-watching the fountains at the Bellagio do their dance to "This Kiss" and simultaneously watching a tiny, tiny, very old woman sucking on a cigar and one of those huge drinks singing along to the splashing and shaking her brittle old hips very vigorously.
-eating homeade ravioli at a restaurant in the fashion show mall that basically made my life. notice that this blog is basically about food. I am all about it.
-not being able to find anything lewd enough to buy Lanee.
-wanting to move into the Venetian because it's so dang pretty. still seriously considering it.
-riding a double-decker bus for the first time in my life. yes, everyone, in Nevada. it was still awesome.


Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

Yay! for Casino Royale Denny's!

aly said...

although i don't prefer vegas i always find myself a good time! (and to clarify here because that came off not the way i meant it....- a good time in a good way- no scandal here)

so i think we should become the gondola people at the venetian, we could wear an awesome outfit! plus i bet we would meet a lot of people (and when i say people i mean men).... ha :) actually maybe it is just me but when i was just in spin city i found myself becoming very pessimistic about the world and humans themselves. (because wow people are so dirty, they sit and waste their life away and it all seemed so shallow and sad....) i know to a degree this is a stereotype, but i am just saying it from my perception...

but i am rambling on and on, so i will now stop.

Lanee said...

There are way too many things to comment on here, so all I will say is that the likelihood that one or both of us will end up like the little hip-shaking cigar lady is very, very high.

Kristin Louise said...

So you were by chance in Vegas on Saturday night?? Because I was totally there and I'm pretty sure we drove by the Bellagio fountains and heard "This Kiss" playing. Small World......and yes, I too went into plenty of shops I shouldn't have and spent money I shouldn't have.....oh well.

-emily- said...

Now THAT is a Dennys.

And what's that about young girls and old guys? Now I need to hear the explanation because I don't know what you're talking about.

Okay, in actuality I really just want to hear how your mom explained it because that's funny to me.