Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Are you ever just beginning to feel like you're as smart as everyone around you? And then, you get hit by a gigantic splintery piano falling from the sky and start feeling kind of useless again? Yesterday afternoon, I ran into one of my good childhood friends on campus, and we had a conversation about the old group and how everyone is doing. At first, I was so glad to see this friend! We laughed over embarrassing memories, and then laughed even more about the fact that whenever any of us see each other, we immediately start acting really immature and pulling our hair and spinning around in circles and laughing way too loud. The conversation progressed to where everyone is and what they're doing, what schools we're all at, who we're dating, then back to how immature we all still are. Then, after I talked about who I was dating, and how busy I was, my friend dropped this line.

"I know, right? I mean...what are you even doing in college? Especially at BYU?"

"(Laugh)...yeah...I know! What am I even doing here?"

The funny thing is, if this line had come from someone I didn't know very well, or hadn't known for very long, I wouldn't have had a second thought about it. I probably would have even defended myself. But because it was someone I have known since I was about 9, someone who I feel knows ME, I did a brief overview of my life on the way back to my car. I had to make sure I wasn't stupid. Luckily, I and myself came to the conclusion that, while I might be a little crazy, I'm not completely senseless. I was coherent enough to at least get into this university. I can carry on a conversation about something other than Me, Boys, Everyone I Hate, and Ice Cream, contrary to popular belief. I can read. I can drive a car. I can talk on the phone, tie my shoes, check my e-mail, juggle, and pick my nose at the same time. I can dress myself. I can floss, even if it takes more than five minutes. I can do a headstand.


I felt normal again after a couple hours. But really, next time you see me, tell me I'm smart enough to be in college. Please. Or at least ask me to do a headstand.


Casey Editor-in-Chief said...

Did you get a higher ACT score than me? Yes! You are smart. (smarter than me at least)

Anna said...

JULIE. First of all let me say that I miss you. Prrr. And I was wondering if maybe you could do a headstand for me because you are really smart. Seriously. I was totally going to ask you that before this post was written. I'm just that cool. Haha. Seriously though...I miss your face.

Lanee said...

I can't drive a car or do a headstand. OH MY GOSH WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!!

P.S. tell me who that person is so I can beat them up and then we can yell really big words in their face thus succeeding in both proving our intellectual superiority and acting completely immature at the same time. And may I thusly conclude that the dual existence of such attributes is, in fact, (long pause), possible.

aaannnddd SCENE.

Matthew said...

I'm pretty good at talking on the phone and tying my shoes, too. But a headstand? I think I would injure myself trying.

You've got one up on me.

Kristi said...

YOU are one of the smartest people I know!
and...this Lanee character is freaking hilarious.