Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Freakin' New Year


  • I'm going to wear hose and fancy clothes and be twirled way more often.

  • I'm going to study more. Cut Denny's to midnight or earlier. Or study at Denny's? Branch out on what I order. Force Emily to eat the tomatoes on her club at least one time.

  • I'm going to keep in close touch with brand new wonderful friends instead of never talking again until Christmas Carol or until I randomly run into them.

  • I'm going to try things I think I can't do (like throwing parties), and enjoy it, because sometimes things turn out and I have an amazing experience I've never experienced before!

  • I'm going to value my best friends and the time they spend with me. And write everyone more than I already do, and never send the same letter to two missionaries. Again.

  • I'm going to get to know people instead of stubbornly cementing my first impressions because some people can turn out to be quite fantastic. And then they sometimes become your boyfriend. Who wants to miss out on that?

  • Aren't they adorable? I have no resolution involving them, but just look at their adorableness.

  • I'm going to dance if I'm in an area where people are dancing, instead of standing around uncomfortably. Who cares if I can't dance. I should before I'm too old and fat to stand up.

  • I'm going to take a cooking class.If I can cha cha with Jacob Shamy, by gum, I can learn how to cook. It can't be that hard.

  • I'm going to wear lipstick much more often. And I'm going to see both of these people much more often.

  • I'm going to do way more things that normal college people do and make big obnoxious Facebook albums full of meaningless blurry pictures. This is a joint resolution between Lanee and I.
Tah Dah.
PSThanks for reading my blog this year. And for all the feedback. I'm never going to be as great as the great Stephanie Meyer, writer of the Best Most Fantastical Books Ever, without my loyal readers and friends and their crazy ideas and witty comments.


-emily- said...

But I don't like tomatoes. Make Riley eat them.

Lanee said...

If you become like Stephanie Meyers we can't be friends anymore. I want to take a cooking class too!!! My resolution is to be become even more obsessed with you than I already am, and maybe stalk you a little.

lauh-ren said...

this is completely off subject. but i liked the tights you wore at the reception. i really enjoyed how they had a line down the back. that's all.

Elder Roxas said...

I've every confidence you already write better than Stephanie Meyers. I've found that cooking is simultaneously both easier and harder than it looks. Good luck with everything! ...We ought to see a bit of one another, too. I want to discuss "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" with you.

dizzy said...

Thanks :)
i think you're adorable, too!

And i really really like your blog.
Promise i'll keep reading in 2009.
the end!

aly said...

ok if you find a cooking class i want to take it with yoU!!! (see my blog)

and i am so happy we have class together again! yay!

and pretty much you looked great in all these fotitos. so glam!

and last of all- let's throw parties together- i need to get out more. on new years i went to an "old adult single party- mixed with newly weds...." and i just don't, repeat DON"T want to ever go again- which takes me to my resolution to socialize more! ;)

Angelica said...

I can't figure out how to change the font color for specific words/phrases in my blog posts, but apparently you can. Any suggestions? Oh, and invite Lanee to your cooking class. She's a mean baker, but I think her cooking skills could be polished before she gets hitched and tries to make her hubby cottage cheese and diet coke for dinner.