Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kickoff Weekend

Today was the patriotic fireside for the Freedom Festival in Provo, a big awesome patriotic hullabaloo that continues over the next week, including said fireside, held at the Marriott Center, the parade, Stadium of Fire, the gala, etc, that you'll remember from last year. Last year it was Glenn Beck that spoke at the patriotic service, tonight, it was the new president of UVU, Matthew Holland. He spoke about Abraham Lincoln, the Osmond2generationz sang, my mom announced the Freedom Award recipients for the gala, the orchestra played beautiful music, it was a good time all around.
I actually have a top list concerning this evening, because thing after cool/fun/just plain remarkable thing kept happening to me and I ended up with my mouth hanging open by the end of the night. Really. It was kind of amazing. Soon I will write a blog that isn't a list, just watch me.
  1. I met nie nie. I went about it kind of like a creepster on accident, because at the pre-reception, as I was eating some delectable key lime cheesecake, I spotted Nie and her husband who had just walked in the door. My mom said I should go say hi to her. I tried to explain how famous and amazing and wow her blog and everything blah but then I decided, wait a second, and just got up and did it. I just about peed my pants and tripped over people to tap her on the back over by the flavored water table and she hugged me and was so nice while her husband peeked over her shoulder. What cool people. Freak.
  2. Let's talk food at the dinner before the fireside: steak with cranberry salsa chutney, grilled chicken, mozarella-tomato-basil salad, key lime cheesecake, asparagus with tangy cheese on it. And much more.
  3. There was an Abraham Lincoln impersonator who initially scared the crap out of me (reminded me of that terrifying Hall of the Presidents at Disneyland) but he gave the Gettysburg address at the dinner, and it was really, really cool. Occasionally I miss doing monologues wearing costumes in Cedar City. Haha.
  4. A SecondGenerationOsmond attempted to get to know me/flirt with me until he realized I wasn't really giving it back. Hmmm. One without a fauxhawk though, so, that was good. I feel famous. They had an entourage with them. Jenny decided they should probably ride in on the golf carts sitting around, waving sparklers in the air.
  5. Jenny and I went a little crazy after being there velcroing up bunting after bunting for a billion hours. We were dancing quietly and fiercely in a corner when a friendly-looking man walked up to us and asked us amusedly how and what we were doing. Turns out it was the mayor of Provo. Oh hey, mayor, just dancing here with my sister. Nice to meet you. Great work you're doing around here.
  6. I met the last survivor of the original Frogmen (Navy Seals) and have adopted him as my third grandfather. What a cool guy. And I get to hang out with him at the gala later this week.
  7. Mount Timpanogas Pipe Band. Fa-reaking awesome having a bagpiper right in your face, try four of them and a drum major to kill all drum majors. I got a lot of chills from these individuals.
  8. My mom spoke over the pulpit in the Marriott Center. That's right. My mother. I whooped for her. Yeah boiiiiii
  9. The Osmonds performed, and, instead of wanting to pull out a pot of pomade and dip myself in it, I actually really enjoyed their songs. They did a great job and were a pleasure to listen to.
  10. ******ADDENDUM******: After what seemed like years, I finally got to see Michelle Peterson of STEELE again and get extremely helpful marriage advice from an expert. My favorite thing about the fourth is getting to hang with with Michelle so much. Good thing our moms are so cool and practically own Provo.
  11. After all of these singularly enjoyable things, I got to run further south in Provo to make grilled cheese sandwiches and watch some Arrested Development with someone who fell almost immediately asleep in my lap after inhaling his buttery muenstery sandwich. Three weeks, three days until I don't have to go home at midnight. And counting. Tick tick tick.
I have two questions.
Who knows cool colors to paint the walls in our tiny house? I'm finding myself turning to standard yellows and greens but I'm wondering if there are some cool ideas I'm missing out on.
How do I make pictures gigantic on my blog? You creative people, please help me.

Soon to come: Stories of my adventures at Kid to Kid in American Fork, my new place of employment. Think spitty crumbs, onesies so small that it takes me a half hour to enter them into the computer because I just want to hold and snuggle them, smartie suckers, lots of women talking about Twilight, lots of organizing itty bitty shoes, and an all-around good time.


Constance Marie said...

About the walls in your housey... I am a big fan of ACCENT COLORS! Paint a random wall red red red or another color of your choosing. Or, for example, if you are painting one room yellow, paint them all a pastel yellow or whatever kind of faint yellow, then paint one of the walls BRIGHT yellow.

Do it.

alayne said...

this is how to make humongous pictures on your blog: read & enjoy :)

Heidi said...

So I would like to go back in time and be you this weekend.

I enjoy turquoise, robin's-egg blue, and bottle green for walls. Also maybe deep purple or a lovely rich brown (I refuse to call it "chocolate brown") or terra cotta. My room is a really pretty periwinkle that makes me very happy.

This link comes from a great site for ideas (especially for small spaces) that I think you would enjoy:

A.J said...

living room creme,bedroom main wall red leave the rest as is,kitchen yellow,don't attempt to paint the bathroom from a person whos been there.

Michelle + Blake said...


"After what seemed like years, I finally got to see Michelle again and get extremely helpful marriage advice from an expert. My favorite thing about the fourth is getting to hang with with Michelle so much. Good thing our moms are so cool and practically own Provo.

love, julie."

Anonymous said...

Hi... just happen to cross your site... I see that you also love Disney... me too...

Im planning to go to Tokyo or Hong Kong Disney this Christmas. Hoho and I found some stuffs from Hong Kong Disneyland here as well:

I will definitely take tones of photos there!!!