Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just the six.

There's this very, very popular blog that I'm sure most of you females read, as I do. It's called the Rockstar Diaries, and the author often writes "little letters" to different things/people. While it isn't exactly an essay, or my usual formatting at all, I've been writing letters to people in my mind a lot lately. It's kind of like tweeting, but better, and you get to say more if you want. It's also simpler, and not full of metaphors, although I am quite OK at the usage of metaphors.
Jenny's blog also does this letter-writing thing, in fact, it revolves completely around these letters. Emily wrote a letter to someone on her blog just the other week. People are really on to something with this whole idea.

So, I just have six today. And then I'm back on the longer-form bandwagon.

Dear YouTube,

Leave me alone so I can study.

Dear College Algebra,

Please do not slaughter me next semester. Be gentle. I changed my major and I'm nervous, so please, be gentle.

Dear PBF,

Thanks for the money. Really.

Dear Kangaroo,

I would like to move to where you are and live in your house with you and go thrift shopping like we talked about today. And I like your nose. But alas, I have to finish college and get on with my life and all that jazz. Unfortunately. Really unfortunately.

Dear Diet Coke and muddy buddies,

You do
not make for a good singing voice, and I wish I hadn't eaten you all morning and then remembered that I have an audition tonight. But you were still delicioso.

Dear Friend,

The way your Celtic bracelet fits your right wrist makes me crazy for you. Were you thinking the same thing I was thinking about those little jellybean-eating boys on the row in front of us?

Does anybody else ever write little letters in their heads? If there are three female bloggers doing it, plus me, that means there are at least two hundred other people out there doing it. According to my calculations. Try it, it's rather fun.


Kyle said...

Dear Julie,

My favorite days are the ones with you in them.

Brittany said...

i write letters. i tend to write all kinds of things in my head. sometimes titles of chapters in some unwritten, unplottable book.

i like that we all write things together.

you changed your major??? and it involves college algebra? i'm being totally nosy, but i want to know!

Liesl said...

Always. It occurs most often when I'm on a vacation and have somebody in mind that I'm talking to.

Something that intrigues ME, however, is how whenever I'm exposed to some form of media for a certain amount of time and I think in that form of media. For instance, when I was really into The Office, I would think in forms of interviews. I also imagine conversations. And if I read a book and then write afterwards, it's usually similar to the style of the author, whether it be playful or more serious. Very strange.

Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

I do that all the time! Sometimes I forget to keep them in my mind, and say them out loud, then I get crazy looks from people.

kayla & tyler said...

haha, i do it all the TIME!!! don't worry Julie, you are not alone.

Allie said...

Yep. I do write letters all the time. In my head and in my journal. As you know. I love your headers. You have excellent taste my love.

dizzy said...

I write letters in my head all the time. I often speak them out loud. Like the one just the other day "Dear Colin, I made edamame and forgot that i used up all my salt and saw some sitting on your shelf above mine so i ground some out to make my edamame delicious and i was hoping you wouldn't mind so much. Love, Lizzy"

Marcindra LaPriel said...

As you may or may not know, I always speak in letters. Here are a few of mine:

Dear Bus,
Please come.
Love, Me

Dear Lora,
Please pass the salt.
Hugs and Kisses, Me

Dear Keys,
Where are you?
Warm Regards, Me

jenny said...

What about a letter to me? Hmmm.

Emily Anne said...

I love little letters... They're just so fun. :)