Saturday, October 23, 2010

Two smells and a baby

Something about sleeping late always brings the prettiest dreams.
I ran my hands over my stomach and it was round and tight and there was a little person greeting me with their hands and feet from inside of it. Strangest feeling ever. Best feeling ever. I woke up elated, missing that little person who doesn't even exist yet. And loving them to pieces.
 I just woke up after a long week and a beautiful dream to drizzling, tapping rain on my half-open window and windowsill and to the smell of baking applesauce swirling up from my basement, where my mother, grandmother, and aunt are churning away at it until the entire family has enough to last through graham crackers and pork chops and granola and cottage cheese for another year. I woke up with a hankering for a pumpkin to carve and a scarf to wind around my neck, because fall has finally completely arrived, with a rain shower, applesauce, and a dream of a future nugget.
So lovely.


Kayla said...

It's even better than dreams make it seem. You will be such a cute mother someday, and I know you have little spirits excited to come meet you.

Yay for fall! Everything feels more fresh and crisp somehow.

Birrell Family said...

I like reading about your world... Keep on blogging and delighting us all :) I sure love you!

Unknown said...

i am just barely starting to feel my baby kick and it is weird, cool but weird!